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Quality & Value
BDD Co. is committed to providing customers with the finest quality loose diamonds and jewelry, and adheres to provide customers exceptional quality choices and extraordinary value. Our jewelry pieces are crafted, selected and inspected against high quality standards, so that the customers can buy with peace of mind. Customers can select according to their needs, preferences and budget.
Finest Diamond Quality
As online diamond retailer, BDD Co. pre-screened superior quality loose diamonds. Its cutting, clarity and color are rated according to a standardized international grading scale. Every single loose diamond comes with a grading report and laser inscriptions issued by the Gemological Institute of America (GIA). GIA is the largest, most respected nonprofit source of gemological knowledge in the world; it is recognized as the original and unrivaled source for accuracy and integrity in diamond grading.
Diamond Jewelry
For reasons of quality assurance, all the diamonds set in our jewelry (including the smallest diamonds) meet BDD Co. strict minimum quality standards. Each diamond is colorless to near-colorless (D-J grade color) with exceptional clarity (FL-SI2 grade clarity).
Platinum Jewelry
Platinum is enduring, strong, high in purity and corrosion resistance and not easily oxidized precious metals; it represents eternal love. Also, its natural white platinum metallic luster brings out the brilliance and elegance of diamonds. Therefore, so many people choose it for engagement and wedding rings. All of our platinum is 95% pure.
Gold Jewelry
Gold is a popular precious metal. Our rings and jewelry have several colors and alloys including both 18k and 14k yellow, white and rose gold. Our range of gold rings and jewelry will fit customers' different needs and budgets.
Silver Jewelry
All of our silver pieces are 92.5% alloy sterling silver. This alloy has the desired metallic luster, brightness and hardness, and it is the best combination of fashion, exquisite and durability.
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